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Save HUGE money working with an industry veteran with over a decade of payment processing experience.  Approval Code is operated lean and mean by design to reduce overhead and thus pass on the savings to merchants.  Why should you pay for Big Bank Salaries, Bonuses, Commissions and branch office costs?


In addition, Visa, MasterCard and Discover have implemented an intricate, complex and dynamic qualification protocol to achieve the best rates.  Does it make sense to navigate this labyrinth without a seasoned Payment Processing Specialist by your side? 


Case Study #1 Automotive equipment supply company processes $500K monthly using a stand-alone payment processing program. Approval Code shows $2,000 a month in savings and helps integrate credit card processing into their application to eliminate double entry mistakes and waste.


Case Study #2 Guitar parts manufacturer accepts orders over the internet and the telephone. Approval Code provides a new terminal at no charge and shows over $1,000 in monthly savings.


Case Study #3 Hair salon distributor processes $65,000 a month using a terminal. Many additional charges for corporate cards and keyed transactions. Approval Code shows over $2,000 in annual savings just by switching.


To find out how much YOU can save by switching, fax a copy of a recent statement to 714-948-8148.